Players with glasses

In the world of football we find a lot of players who decide to go out on the pitch with accessories of all kinds , from striking necklaces, so popular rubber bracelets, and even hair accessories (remember the great Taribo West , by case ) How many of them wore glasses or glasses? The answer can be seen in the following lines: Nobby Stilles First of all, we remember the Manchester United player and the England National Team, the daredevil defender Norbert «Nobby» Stilles , a «bad boy» who was scary with his horror-worthy appearance with his false teeth Removed, a hair that was in danger of extinction and, although they were not glasses, was wearing something that resembled quite a few: first-generation contact lenses, so-called «hard lenses» Rinus Israel Second, Rinus Israel , one of the key pieces for the Feyenoord of 1970 to achieve a feat that today is considered as the absolute glory for a European club, win the UEFA European Cup (which for those who do not know this denomination, we clarify that Is the old name of the UEFA Champions League ) The funny thing is that Israel did not come to the field with these glasses, because of the danger of using them on the field in the event of a break, but it did In each official photograph that was published in the different publications. Edgar Davids Much closer, we remember the case of Edgar Davids , who has played and will continue to play (currently returned to football and play at Crystal Palace ) a large number of meetings wearing eye-catching and elegant sunglasses, motivated by glaucoma in One of his eyes.

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